I'm a small business designing and selling nice cushion kits- I really hope I'm not going to end up needing several pages of closely-typed terms and conditions here. 

Hopefully ordering online via the Cushions and Lavender Bags shops (links on the left) should be straightforward. 

However, if there's any problems, then please just get in touch with me (Contact Me link on the left.)

The only issue I've found so far is international postage, which is obviously more expensive than posting within the UK. 

To keep things simple- I'm offering to post kits worldwide  for an additional charge of £2.95 on top of the usual postage cost. 

So- if you'd like your kit shipping outside of the UK, just click on the button below to add the £2.95 charge for international postage to your shopping cart, and your kit will be flying out to you within a couple of days! 


International Postage  

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