Applique is just a fancy way of describing a simple kind of patchwork. It's a bit like collage- and you can use any stitch or fabric that takes your fancy.


It's a technique that has a long history- often used for large pieces from the middle ages onwards.

These cushion kits and lavender bag kits are fun, quick and simple to make. Even a beginner should be able to finish one in about a week- but feel free to email me and ask my advice on which ones are best for beginners.  

Using good quality wool fabrics so that you don't have to worry about the edges fraying, they are suitable for all ages. 

The historical designs are based on heraldry, sculptures and woodcuts. As well as these, there are some of my own original designs. 

The stitches used are simple- my own zigzag stitch, as well as more traditional blanket stitch, chain stitch, whipped chain stitch and satin stitch. Once you've mastered these basic techniques, it's simple!