Your kit contains everything you need to finish your cushion or lavender bag.

  Each cushion kit comes in an attractive presentation bag, making it the ideal gift.


The bag is full of goodies:

Your kit contains a detailed instruction leaflet, including the stitching guide which can also be found on this website.


The leaflet contains a full colour-coded stitching plan


Front face of cushion with pattern pieces marked and tacked securely into place ready for you to start work:


Stitching detail is marked on the fabric:


There's pieces of material to create the back, and two buttons for closing the finished cushion. 


 All the coloured threads that you need


Pins and needles.....




And, of course, a cushion pad so that you can start enjoying your finished cushion immediately.  


 Of course, in a lavender bag kit, you get all the stuffing you need along with a generous pile of lavender to keep your bag fragrant for years!